Monday, April 09, 2007

Mark Van Steenwyk at up/rooted.north

Don’t miss a chance to be with Mark at Life on the Vine, Friday, April 20th at 7pm. Mark is a part of Missio Dei, a missional, neo-monastic community on the West Bank of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. You can read about Missio Dei, their rule of faith, and their gatherings here. To quote them, “Missio Dei is committed to following Jesus' way of peace, simplicity, prayer, and radical hospitality.”

(this man must be taken seriously!!!)

Mark is also a consistent blogger at I encourage you to check out a bit what he has to say.

Mark will be speaking on the Jesus Manifesto (and Manifesting Jesus), concerning how the church lives a missional, incarnate, and political (in the broader sense) community of Christ. So if you are interested in the life of the church as a missional, incarnational, and political community (is anyone not?), come and join us. Bring your experience, your critical ideas, and your idealistic hopes. It should be a fantastic time together!

Jon Berbaum
-coordinator, up/rooted.north

(Also, don’t forget the joint up/rooted on April 23rd. It’s a full week for us!)

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Mike said...

Is there any way youcan make this a podcast? It sounds quite interesting.