Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Community Church of Wilmette
Invites You to Hear

Dr. Ghada Talhami
D.K. Pearsons Professor of Politics
Lake Forest College

Islamic Societies Here and Abroad:
The Challenges of Assimilation”

Please join us for an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the ancient religion of Islam and a greater appreciation for the challenges faced by the American Muslim community in coping with the pressures of a secular and multi-ethnic society and outside calls for reform. Learn what life is really like for most Muslims, particularly women, in a world dominated by religious laws and strict traditions. Grow in your awareness of the common goals we must seek together to achieve a world where all views are tolerated and respected.

Wednesday, May 16th

Community Church of Wilmette
1020 Forest Avenue
Wilmette, Illinois
(847) 251-4370

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