Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ancient Evangelical Future Call Conference

I'm a little late getting the word out about this conference, though it's not too late to sign up. December 7-9 Northern Seminary in Lombard will be hosting the Ancient Evangelical Future Call Conference (yes, I know, it's a mouthfull). The conference is based on a statement written by Robert Webber and Phil Kenyon entitled (what else), "A Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future". The opening of the Call states the following:
In every age the Holy Spirit calls the Church to examine its faithfulness to God’s revelation in Jesus Christ, authoritatively recorded in Scripture and handed down through the Church. Thus, while we affirm the global strength and vitality of worldwide Evangelicalism in our day, we believe the North American expression of Evangelicalism needs to be especially sensitive to the new external and internal challenges facing God’s people.
These external challenges include the current cultural milieu and the resurgence of religious and political ideologies. The internal challenges include Evangelical accommodation to civil religion, rationalism, privatism and pragmatism. In light of these challenges, we call Evangelicals to strengthen their witness through a recovery of the faith articulated by the consensus of the ancient Church and its guardians in the traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, the Protestant Reformation and the Evangelical awakenings. Ancient Christians faced a world of paganism, Gnosticism and political domination. In the face of heresy and persecution, they understood history through Israel’s story, culminating in the death and resurrection of Jesus and the coming of God’s Kingdom.
Today, as in the ancient era, the Church is confronted by a host of master narratives that contradict and compete with the gospel. The pressing question is: who gets to narrate the world? The Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future challenges Evangelical Christians to restore the priority of the divinely inspired biblical story of God’s acts in history. The narrative of God’s Kingdom holds eternal implications for the mission of the Church, its theological reflection, its public ministries of worship and spirituality and its life in the world. By engaging these themes, we believe the Church will be strengthened to address the issues of our day.

The line-up of speakers for this conference is diverse and impressive, including Brian McLaren, Frederica Matthewes-Green, Aaron Flores, Martin Marty, & Lauren Winner. It looks like a good event (ones like this are rare here in the upper Midwest) though a bit pricey ($224 for the full conference, though you can pay per day).

Anyhow, just thought you all might be interested. I won't be going (because of the price) but if any of you do go, please let us know and send us a summary.

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