Friday, July 14, 2006

We were on the News!

In case some of you missed it, Channel 2, the local Chicagoland CBS affiliate had a piece this past Monday on the emerging church. Geoff Holsclaw, Dave Fitch, my wife Julie and myself were all interviewed for it and made it into a few brief clips. They also interviewed Scot McKnight up at North Park University and several people from Chicagoland Community Church, an emerging church down in the city that hasn't made the connection to us in up/rooted (yet).

The whole piece was pretty good, though very short and not very detailed. You can read the transcript or see a video of it at the website. They've also included some links to up/rooted and to the others involved in the segment. At any rate, I'm glad for the attention to the emerging church, and I hope it will potentially lead to more people finding out about the movement who were perhaps on the verge of giving up on traditional Christianity.

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