Sunday, June 01, 2008

up/rooted.west picnic - June 23

We had a great discussion a few weeks ago at up/rooted.west as we talked about the question of racial diversity in the emerging church. The conversation was wide ranging (too much to summarize really), though we all agreed that what is needed first and foremost is more effort to "relocate" our lives into more diverse settings in whatever ways we are able.

Anyhow, our next up/rooted.west get together will be an informal potluck picnic/get-to-know-you event at Northside Park in Wheaton from 6:00-8:30pm on Monday, June 23rd. If you haven't been to an up/rooted event yet, or if it's been a while, this would be a great time to plug-in, as we will simply be hanging out, having fun, and spending some time sharing our stories. Bring food for yourself, and some to share if you're able (there are grills available if anyone wants to bring some dogs or burgers), though if you're not able, feel free to show up anyway.

Hope to see you there!

Mike Clawson
up/rooted co-coordinator

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