Thursday, October 18, 2007 quotes

We had a great time at the other night. I'll let Rebecca write the real summary. However I wanted to share a few fun quotes that "emerged" from the conversation:

"We get together, eat, have communion, complain... sometimes we complain centered around the Bible."
- James describing his faith community

"They're all there to find their Christian mate because they didn't get them at Moody."
- Rebecca describing a church she had experienced

"It was a young church, so we had to download the Statement of Faith and sign on the dotted line."
- Rebecca, on this same church

"Methemergent... Emergemeth... Emerthodist"
- Matt and others trying to think of a mash-up name for Emergent Methodists


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you, in order to be 'emergent', you've gotta be willing to complain. About everything. All the time.

Mike Clawson said...

Yes Nony Mouse, you're so right. That's exactly what it shows...

PrincessMax said...

I'll add a quote I wrote down from Mike:

"We're working together to figure out what things are going to be effective in producing change in terms of The Revolution."


Anonymous said...

Revolution. Exactly. Here's the problem I find with all of this. Why, in order to change the system, do you feel like you need to destroy and abandon it? Can't change happen from within? The conservative Evangelical church is not as flamboyantly heretical as the Catholic church in Luther's time, so why splinter so hard?

I understand that the Church isn't exactly how you think it should be. Neither do I? I agree with so MANY of the emerging churches critiques. But that's all you guys got. CRITIQUES. COMPLAINTS. PROBLEMS. Be the solution. Figure it out and do something positive for the church. Other than saving the planet.

Mike Clawson said...

Nony Mouse, if you'd like to discuss these issues openly and constructively I'd suggest you do two things:

1) Sign your name to your comments and provide a link to your own blog or website. It is too easy to be unloving and unkind when you can hide behind the mask of anonymity.

2) Show up at an up/rooted meeting and raise these questions with respect for your conversation partners and an honest desire to dialogue. I think you might find that some of your assumptions about us and what we are saying are inaccurate.


Mike Clawson said...

One more thing... these are all intended as funny quotes totally taken out of context. (And most were said with a humorous/ironic tone in the first place.) It'd be wrong to make any solid generalizations about the emerging church based on something like that.