Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Questioning the Answers: the emerging church critique of evangelicalism, a dialogue

Up/rooted-ers, have we got an evening for you: not just one thinker on the emerging church, but three! Up/rooted.north will be hosting a panel discussion called “Questioning the Answers: the emerging church critique of evangelicalism” on Thursday, Sept. 20th at 7pm at Life on the Vine in Long Grove, IL.

You’re invited to this open and provocative panel discussion of the emerging church’s critiques of evangelicalism, and thoughtful consideration of the way forward. Our panel will consist of:

Scot McKnight, professor at North Park University and prodigious blogger and author;

Wayne Johnson, professor and director of the MDiv program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School;

Dave Fitch, professor at Northern Baptist Seminary, pastor at Life on the Vine, and slightly less prodigious blogger and author.

Each panelist will respond to a particular emerging church critique of evangelicalism (think issues of authority, church structure, worship, preaching, role of Scripture, etc.) and we’ll get a chance to engage with them in open discussion of these crucial issues.

Come and engage these thinkers, teachers, and pastors and each other as we gather together around the emerging conversation. Hope to see you there!


Steve K. said...

I'd love to hear this discussion! Will any or all of it be recorded for a future Emergent Village podcast, perhaps? Please? Pretty please?

Evan Hansen said...

That's exactly what I want to know!

curtis said...

I'll make it a nice even 3... Please record this and post it somewhere for the people that can't make it. This sounds GREAT!

Jon Berbaum said...

I imagine a lot of the discussion won't take place in front of a microphone, but we'll definitely make a stab at getting a good recording together.