Saturday, June 02, 2007

Up/rooted.north gathers Thursday, June 14th with Pernell Goodyear.

Hey up/rooted-ers! Pernell Goodyear is coming to Chicago in the middle of June, and is spending an evening with up/rooted.north discussing third spaces. Third spaces you say? Eh? No way!

A third place is not a home, and not a business, but an informal gathering place that fosters friendships, discussions, and networking. Third places are incredibly important for churches who don’t want their front doors on a Sunday morning to be their only gateway in their communities. If our churches are to be missional and incarnational, third spaces are crucial ideas to understand and bring to life (or participate in) in our neighborhoods.

Pernell planted a church called The Freeway in Hamilton, Ontario, that has developed a coffeeshop as a third space, and will be speaking on what makes a good third space for community witness. We can also engage him on broader church planting issues/struggles. There is a fantastic write-up and podcast of an interview of Pernell by Allelon here.

I’d encourage you to read Pernell’s page on third spaces, and come on June 14th to engage in the theory and practice of third spaces for our churches in the suburbs, where third spaces, like all forms of hospitality, face unique challenges. Don’t miss this critical conversation about being incarnate in the places where we live.

June 14th, 7pm, at Life on the Vine Church. See you there!


Beloved said...

Any chance childcare could be provided? I'd like my wife to come with me, but my two-year-old daughter is highly unlikely to sit still and listen for any period of time, say, over 30 seconds. ;-)

David Fitch said...

beloved ...
the best we can offer regarding child care is a playroom nursery with some toys. There may be others with children but I have no way to predict on that one. Sorry, but this is the best we can do for now.

Blessings, and hope to see you next Thursday