Friday, February 02, 2007


We had a great time at the inaugural meeting of up/rooted.south last night. Eight of us gathered for good pizza and good conversation in downtown Mokena. Pictured below are the guys that were there. Two other young ladies from Trinity Christian College had to leave before we got around to taking pictures.

I'm excited to see how this new up/rooted branch will develop. John Morlan, the coordinator should be posting a summary of the night soon, and letting you all know when the next .south gathering will be.


Jeff Kursonis said...

Hey Good job guys. Though I would have taken the photo with the ladies before they left - I see a few too many white suburban evangelical looking types there (Mainliners dress better).

Do your best to draw in some from different backgrounds - you're in Chicago, the land of the first black president for crying out loud, it can't be that hard!

Tonight here in NYC, because of my persistent wooing of different constituencies we had Latino's, women, mainliners, evangelical's and post-evangelical's, Episcopals, Lutherans, RCA. We got to have everyone at the table before it becomes a true movement that changes the world.

Awesome to see you pull it off. Can't wait to see how it develops.

Blessings, Jeff

jhimm said...

is anything new happening with up/root.south ? i'm looking forward to the up/root.north event coming up soon, but i'm only working in northfield for a few months, after which that won't exactly be convenient. can we get something moving on the southside? there's got to be a demographic we can tap in hyde park? (i live in woodlawn.)