Saturday, May 20, 2006

Emerging Women's Blog

A few weeks back my wife, Julie, had a chance to attend the Emergent Women's ReGathering outside of Indianapolis. Several dozen women met to encourage one another, share stories and ideas, and discuss the role of women in this emerging church movement. As a follow up my wife created a blog for further discussion. If you are a woman within the emerging church movement or know any, and would like to participate you are invited to visit the Emerging Women's Blog.

Here's what my wife had to say about the blog:

I envision this space as a gathering place of sorts for women with some connection to the emerging conversation. It can be used to discuss ideas, theology, philosophy, and praxis. It can be a space to share frustrations as a woman, as a believer, or as an emerging thinker. It can be a place to share what you have written, to ask questions, to share experiences, recommend books, to encourage and give advice, or whatever we feel like making it. I hope we will use it and gain and grow from it.

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