Friday, February 24, 2006

Coming Soon

I have a trailer/teaser for all of you. Just tonight I received an advance copy of Brian McLaren's upcoming book, The Secret Message of Jesus. The publishers have asked me to read it and and review it for the various blogs that I contribute to. I can't post my review until after March 7 when the book is released to the general public, so check back here later (or at Emerging CGGC or Emerging Pensees, the other blogs I'll be posting my review to.) But until then, here's a teaser from the introduction:

"Through the years, I have frequently had an uncomfortable feeling that the portrait of Jesus I found in the New Testament didn't fit with the image of Jesus in the church. I'd like to share my search with you, and invite you to be part of it. I don't want to spoil the ending, but I'll let you in on this: the farther I go on this search, the more inspired, moved, challenged, shocked, and motivated I become about the secret message of Jesus... If we succeed in grasping even some fragment of Jesus's secret message, if we take it in and manage not only to look at it but also learn to look through it, my hunch is that our world nd our lives will look very different to us at the end of our exploration. And if that happens deeply enough for enough of us, everything could change."

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2e said...

Sweet! I am also reviewing the book and will post it on my blog and elsewhere. I look forward to hearing your take.